All mother tongues are difficult
six to seven embroideries of mostly white text on black background 36 x 64 cm each, 2014

six to seven embroideries that transgress the form of a video still and the white text on black background in silent films in order to register a temporary synthesis of my research on language in relation to

1-the voice.

2-the written foussha in arabic as opposed to local vernacular(s).

3-appropriations of expressions from other languages into the arabic and how that is included in a few popular lebanese songs. The poetry all this can generate.

4- difficulties of pronouncing foreign letters such as the "p" for those who don't have the "p" in their alphabet, such as in the case of the arabic language.

5- immigrants and refugees' notes in their language and in new language(s) they've learned or they are learning at older ages due to the fact that they have moved to a european country where they are trying to settle, and ask for citizenship after passing a language exam. In this case we speak about Belgium and the flemish and french languages.