i strongly believe in our right to be frivolous (ongoing)
a 1000 drawings and notes on legal paper

This work began as a series of portraits, or perhaps time documents, functioning as witnesses to the current Syrian crisis. The series is made after directly meeting with Syrian individuals, Palestinians and others who were born or lived in Syria and who were exiled to Lebanon in the last few years. The work is expanding, following the route and the path of many of those individuals who have now fled to other Arab countries and specially to Europe, after the residency permits' obligations for the Syrians in Lebanon have been made very hard to satisfy. 


The conversations are depicted through drawings and fragmented scribbles, compiling an ongoing and wide personnal research, based on the personal story of each person I meet, and our inscribed conversations, and my try-out to make portraits next to each transcribed conversation.


The live drawings and interviews with the displaced individuals are noted on yellow legal paper, as well as various paper. Some portraits and the related narratives are being embroidered in collaboration with refugees and displaced women and men, thus creating groups that allow conversations and temporary jobs. 


The final aim of this work is to have a thousand witness, or a 1000 portrait with a 1000 narrative. 


This ongoing work is supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Mophradat (previosuly YATF), and Kamel Lazaar Foundation.


With thanks to Basmeh and Zeitooneh/For Relief and Development at the Shatila Camp Community Center in Beirut and Documenta 14.