I want to be a party - أنا حزب و حفلة راقصة
ongoing series of paintings and embroideries - most recently a talk with projected images

I Want to be a Party, (a series of anecdotes, personal stories and semi-fictions, captured in paintings, and embroideries) stems from the video A la Santé des Alliés (2015), or perhaps is a free continuity of it, taking another form and shape, and enlarging its facets.

The video, filmed and edited between 2003 and 2016, recounts the potentially endless variations of the beginning of a film.

It tries to reveal in this way my family stories, told from the different perspectives of my relatives, and each person’s contradictive opinions or recounting of the same political incident.

This video focuses on layers of sub-stories and parallel events, most notably of Lebanon and Syria during the pan-Arab Nasserites movements of the 50s and 60s i.e. Syria's "unification with Egypt" which was more like an occupation rather than a unification; and Lebanon's resistance to Nasser and his will to "unify" Egypt with Lebanon. This incident caused the killing and the assassination of some of my close relatives, who were active on the Lebanese political scene. While my Syrian family, because of Nasser’s ideas, lost most of what they have in Syria.

In I Want to be a Party, I make embroideries and paintings, to tell particular stories of my childhood, and of other family members', personalizing disasters, and looking back at specific massacres and wars through a specific object that was sold by a family member, in order to survive a certain disaster: selling objects enabled people to flee, or to survive a few more weeks under curfew etc…

I Want to Be a Party reveals more elements from my ongoing research since 2003 (reseach made originally for developing my video “A la Santé des Alliés), and it thus takes us back to unexpected resistance acts of women since 1942, and vulnerable male acts as well as twisted children's desires, all combined with regional endless massacres and wars, and the will to survive them with a twist of irony. 





Most recently, this work is taking the form of a talk (in progress) with a sequence of projected images. With thanks to HKW in Berlin and to particularly to Rabih Mroueh for inviting me present this work at HKW in the form of a talk in October  2017.