noa language school
2013 - in collaboration with curator Angela Serino

noa language school was made in preparation for NOA (Not Only Arabic) magazine III titled "On Words, Prejudice, Schizophrenia and Enta Omri" (see publications) 

noa language school (2013) was made in collaboration with curator Angela Serino, with thanks to Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and Goleb Project Space. 

Full Program here below:


 Tuesday 25 June: opening at Goleb and de Vlugt (16:00-23:30) 

16:00 | Opening with a welcome introduction by Mounira Al Solh and Angela Serino. 

16:30-17:15 | Language Session: "Provocative Racist Plays" by Mounira Al Solh and Marianne Flotron. 

Location: Zina, de Vlugt 

17:30-18:30 | Artist's presentation: "The Silent University: introduction and practice" by Ahmet Öğüt. 

Location: Project Room, Goleb 

18:30-19:45 | dinner 

20:00-20:45 | Language Session: "Broken Dutch" by Martine Neddam. 

Table 1: "On same sex parenting”, moderated by Audrie Helwes and Rosa van Goudoever. 

Table 2: "On moving out and in, changing homes in Amsterdam and elsewhere", moderated by Kenneth Chin Sue. 

Location: Project Room, Goleb 

21:00 | Screening of the audio documentary introduced by the artist: "The Freedom of Speech Itself" (2012) by Lawrence Abu Hamdan. 

Location: Project Room, Goleb 

22:00 | Film screening introduced by Francesco Bernardelli: "Riddles of the Sphinx” (1977) by Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen. 

Location: Project Room, Goleb 

Wednesday 26 June: Goleb and de Vlugt (17:00-23:30) 

17:00-18:45 | Language Session: "Hafif …, of rietselen, murmelen, ruisen sjoemelen" by Mounira Al Solh and Fadi El Tofeili, in collaboration with Niek de Wit (Studio Amsterdam) and Carla Genchi. 

Location: Project Room, Goleb and Studio Salve, de Vlugt 

18:00-18:45 | Language Session: "Broken Dutch" by Martine Neddam 

Table 3: "On Performance and Documents", moderated by Hendrik Folkerts and Claire van Els. 

Table 4: "De Taal Belichaamd", moderated by Arnisa Zeqo. 

Location: Project Room, Goleb 

19:00-20:00 | dinner 

20:15- 21:00 | Language Session: "How to Lose Your Voice: Exercises to Achieve the Loss of Voice" by Marianna Maruyama. 

Location: Project Room, Goleb 2 

21:00-23:45 | Film screening: "Johanna D'Arc of Mongolia" (1989) by Ulrike Ottinger. 

Location: Project Room, Goleb 

Saturday 29 June: SMBA + Japanese Restaurant (11:00-20:00) 

11:00-15:00 | Language Session: "Translation Session" by Grupa Spomenik/The Monument Group, hosted by Jelena Petrović and Jelena Vesić. 

Location: SMBA 

12:00-13:00 | Language Session: "Learning Language by Eating" by Maryanna Maruyama. 

Location: Japanese Restaurant Hakata Senpachi, (

15:00-16:00 | coffee break 

16:00-16:45 | Lecture-performance: "On the Future of Translation" by Marie Frampier. 

Location: SMBA 

17:00-17:45 | Lecture-performance: "Tell me a story you don’t know: micropolitics and silence in storytelling" by Anna Dasovic and Sarah Jones. 

Location: SMBA 

18:00-18:45 | Film screening introduced by the artist: "The New Latin" (2010) by Nicoline van Harskamp. 

Location: SMBA 

19:00 | Film screening: "Vrijwilligers" (2012) by Mounira Al Solh. 

Location: SMBA 

19:30 | Closing notes: Skype interview with Mladen Dolar and Q&A with programme participants. 

Place: SMBA 

La médiathèque 

Esther Kempf and noa language school 

La médiathèque comprises a collection of publications, texts and excerpts from books, as well as videos, films and sound materials that have inspired and continue to inspire us in the development of the school´s activities. 

Artists have contributed by suggesting / providing / lending us source material that is relevant to their language sessions. Mounira and Angela gathered material that they have read and collected during the past months in preparation for the school. Esther Kempf has been invited to make her own selection of this material and develop a transient mobile structure to display this content. 

Visitors and participants can consult la médiathèque by Esther Kempf at Goleb and SMBA.